26 July, 2008


Bunch of recent sketches.

That is all for now....

21 July, 2008

17 July, 2008


Thanks everyone for checking out my first entry!

Today I'm going to make a post about various portraits.

Let's start with self-portraits (for I am the subject I know best!)
These two I did just last semester. The first one is in acrylic while the other is a study done in oils. That was my first time using oils and since then I'm a little more comfortable with them.

These two I did freshman year. They're kind of similar to each other in a way. Mostly in the way that they don't look like me, haha.

Two portraits...
the first is a commission I just completed. The reference picture was really poor but I did the best I could.
The second is from freshman year, I had to use values of 2 contrasting colors in our paintings.

And these are sketches of last year's roommates...

Ta for now!

16 July, 2008

Childhood drawings

Fun post! These are my drawings from early childhood!

And for the finale, another landscape. Not entirely a childhood drawing. I think this might have been from high school. I still think it's pretty good.